Water Quality Communication Toolkit

As a professional in providing clean drinking water, you have an opportunity to:

  • Change the perception of drinking water
  • Build meaningful relationships with
    your customers
  • Increase trust in drinking water

The purpose of this Toolkit is to help you communicate about water quality in a proactive, radically accessible way, so that all the people in your community become aware of their water quality and what your utility does every day, week, month, and year to ensure it.

Not every utility has the capacity to do everything, but we hope this Toolkit provides ideas for you to pick and choose what fits your budget, resource capacity, and needs.

Download the full Toolkit.

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Additional Free Resources for Water Utility Staff

National Communication Toolkits

The Value of Water Campaign's communications toolkit is full of resources to help in your efforts to educate local decision-makers, stakeholders, and customers about how water is essential, invaluable, and worthy of investment.

WATER’S WORTH IT® is a broad-based messaging campaign from the Water Environment Federation that helps to bring attention to the value and importance of clean water and the infrastructure that supports it; the essential work of water professionals; and the need for everyone who uses water to help protect it for today and the future.

Developed by WEF and AWWA, this toolkit of no-cost materials is intended to help you communicate the value of water, water and wastewater services, and the need for infrastructure investment. Toolkit includes social media graphics, bill stuffers, and infographics.

Other Resources

Want to know how to build strong relationships with your local water utility for clean and safe water? In this report you’ll find best practices and case studies you can apply locally to create and bolster relationships that will improve the health of waterways and communities.

Community Water Fluoridation Toolbox
for Water Utility Staff