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Beginning January 1 2021 - All Adults Enrolled in Medicaid will have a Dental Benefit!

Virginia included funding in the budget for a comprehensive adult dental benefit in Medicaid during the 2020 legislative session. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Governor Northam unalloted new spending in the state's budget. The final budget will be released later this summer. For more information, see this blog.

The dental benefit is set to become available to all adults enrolled in Medicaid on January 1, 2021.

Virginia Health Catalyst is committed to ensuring providers and their patients are prepared for the dental benefit. Throughout 2020 and into 2021 Catalyst will develop and share resources to address questions and concerns, ensure providers feel confident billing Medicaid, and empower Medicaid enrollees to take part in oral health care.

Check back on this page often for new resources!

For questions regarding the dental benefit and Catalyst's role please contact Chloe Van Zandt

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