Water equity means all individuals have equal and fair access to quality drinking water that they can trust.

We believe all Virginians should have regular access to safe and affordable drinking water. Water is the healthiest beverage, and drinking water is one of the simplest and least expensive ways to maintain and promote health. Drinking an adequate amount of water ensures our bodies function effectively, and fluoridated water prevents dental cavities. Water is essential to life.

While Virginia has some of the safest drinking water in the nation, the strength of our drinking water program does not mean we are immune to crisis. Drinking water crises garnered national attention in recent years, and access to safe drinking water is not guaranteed. Communities of color and those with low wealth are far more likely to experience unaffordable water bills, water shutoffs, or failing infrastructure that leaves them without running water.

To address these challenges and ensure a better future with safe drinking water for all, Virginia Health Catalyst partners with WET to advance drinking water equity in Virginia.



WET is a community of water advocates working towards a healthier Virginia by advancing drinking water equity. Their mission is to ensure equitable access to safe, affordable, and fluoridated drinking water that is trusted and preferred by all Virginians.

The H2Outlook report provides recommendations and strategies to address Virginia's drinking water challenges. Catalyst staff and members of WET developed this report to provide a path forward for the commonwealth to ensure that more Virginians can afford, trust, and drink safe tap water.

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CWF is a safe, effective, and common public health intervention. Today, 96% of Virginias whose homes are served by public water systems receive fluoridated water, drastically reducing tooth decay throughout Virginia. We work to protect CWF and educate partners on the importance of CWF. Learn more.

Research has shown that nearly 60 million Americans don't drink tap water due to a decline in trust in drinking water quality and safety. We support water utilities in Virginia by providing resources to effectively communicate the importance of drinking water. Learn more.

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