Virginia Health Catalyst's Strategic Vision

To meet our mission - ensuring all Virginians have equitable access to comprehensive health care that includes oral health, Virginia Health Catalyst created a strategic framework that creates a foundation for comprehensive health care based on four interconnected systems, or pillars. To achieve comprehensive health care, each of these four pillars must be strong. These pillars guide our work and shape the lens through which we can advance health in the Commonwealth.

Public Health

Community, environmental, and social factors equitably contribute to improved oral and overall health

Public Awareness

Decision-making is guided by research, data, and information that recognizes the role oral health plays in overall health


Laws, policies, and regulations at all levels of government support positive health outcomes and health equity

Clinical & Community Care

Care is equitable, high quality, coordinated, and integrated

How the Four Pillars Work Together

Ex: Water Fluoridation

Public Health

Community water fluoridation is one of the great public health achievements of the 20th century, and a cost-effective way to improve oral and overall health outcomes. 


Catalyst and other partners ensure that state and local policy supports fluoridation so that everyone can access safe, trusted, affordable tap water.

Clinical and Community Care

Catalyst equips clinical and community-based partners with resources and education about the benefits of fluoridated water, how to address individual concerns, and promotion of water over sugary beverages.

Public Awareness

Through social media, events, white papers, and partner engagements, Catalyst works across sectors to ensure people are well-aware of the benefits of water fluoridation and how to advocate for water safety.