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2023 Virginia General Session Wrap-Up

Virginia’s General Assembly session ended on February 25. However, lawmakers are still negotiating updates to the state budget. The budget is crucial because it funds the agencies and programs that…

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Pushing Boundaries to Eliminate Disparities: A Black History Month Reflection on Oral Health Champions

Racism drives health inequities and is a public health emergency. Ongoing systemic racism and unequal impacts of the pandemic contribute to many health and health care disparities that adversely impact…

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H2Outlook Virginia: The Path to Advancing Drinking Water Equity

Drinking water is essential for life, but reliable access to safe, affordable drinking water isn’t a guarantee. More and more, we hear stories about the past and present water crises:…

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Catalyst Policy Priorities: 2023 Legislative Session

Policies influence our health. Ensuring that policies at the local, state, and federal levels support comprehensive health care access for all Virginians is integral to Catalyst’s mission. Catalyst engages with…

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Bridging the Gap Between Patient Experience and Provider Assumptions

A new Impact Story describes a collaborative project that identified a disconnect between patients’ experiences and providers’ assumptions about barriers to dental care, as well as examples of the impact…

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Dental Assistant IIs Build Capacity and Pathways to Care

Two issues consistently rise to the top related to the dental workforce in Virginia: The significant waiting lists of new patients at dental clinics because of provider capacity limitations; and…

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