Future of Public Oral Health in Virginia

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing racial justice reckoning, Virginia Health Catalyst convened a taskforce of oral health stakeholders from across the commonwealth to design a roadmap to address Virginia’s fragmented and siloed health system and the ramifications of racism and inequity on health outcomes.

Members of the Future of Oral Health Taskforce drafted recommendations to meet this moment and improve public oral health systems by supporting, amplifying, and maximizing technology, integration, workforce, and data to ensure all Virginians have the opportunity to access healthcare that includes oral health.

Read the full recommendations here.


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  • Workforce 
    • Strengthen the Virginia oral health workforce
  • Technology
    • Adopt technologies that meet people where they are and promote care coordination and integration
  • Data
    • Data informs health care decision making
  • Integration
    • Value the importance of good oral health to reach total health