Oral Health Care and Your Family

When you think of your child’s overall health, does their mouth come to mind? Oral health plays a critical role in the overall health of kids and adults, you can’t be truly healthy without a healthy mouth! At Virginia Health Catalyst we connect with parents, educators, and dental providers to empower families across the commonwealth to make their smiles a priority.

Did you know:

  1. Dental care is a family affair

Making your oral health a priority isn’t just good for you, it helps your kids as well. Kids are four times more likely to go to the dentist if a parent sees a dentist as well. If you are a Medicaid member you now have access to a comprehensive dental benefit, visit Dentaquest.com or call 1-888-912-3456 to find a dentist in your area for you and your family.

  1. Oral health impacts a child’s ability to learn

In Virginia, students miss about 1 million hours of school each year because of dental problems. What’s more, pain and infections from tooth decay can lead to problems in speech and nutrition for our kids. Regular cleanings and healthy hygiene at home mean your students can show off their bright smiles along with their glowing report cards!

  1. Good oral hygiene means more than a visit to the dentist

Seeing the dentist for regular cleanings is just one part of good oral hygiene. You can create healthy hygiene habits at home throughout the year. Consider swapping fruit juices or sodas for tap water, the fluoride in our water systems helps strengthen teeth and reduce tooth decay. And make toothbrushing a fun part of morning and bedtime routines, consider making it a family practice to brush teeth together, or play a two-minute song for kids to know how long to brush!

Good oral health is key to keeping your family healthy throughout the year. By making changes at home and seeing a dentist for regular cleanings you can build the foundation for a lifetime of smiles!