Bridging the Gap Between Patient Experience and Provider Assumptions

A new Impact Story describes a collaborative project that identified a disconnect between patients’ experiences and providers’ assumptions about barriers to dental care, as well as examples of the impact of racism in health care. Patients described a public oral health system that didn’t meet their needs, citing the following as barriers to care:

  • Cost of dental care
  • Availability of care
  • Culture, language, and health
  • Health literacy and awareness of care options

Informed by community insights, the Disconnect Impact Story presents strategies based around the following recommendations to build a health care system that works for both patients and providers alike.

  1. Design and adapt clinic operations to better meet the needs of patients
  2. Prioritize cultural humility and racial equity
  3. Address root causes that impede access to care

The Impact Story, “Disconnect: The Gap between Patient Experience and Provider Assumptions”, outlines community-driven strategies to address barriers to care and drive change at the community, clinic, public health system, and policy levels.