DMAS Releases Pregnancy Dental Benefit Fact Sheets for Providers, Enrollees

Comprehensive dental benefits for pregnant women enrolled in Medicaid and FAMIS MOMS will begin on March 1, 2015. On this date, providers may begin billing for this benefit and enrolled pregnant women can receive dental services. 

The Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) has put together outreach resources for medical and dental providers, members and patients regarding benefit information; DentaQuest has also issued a patient flyer in English and Spanish to help patients find a Medicaid dental provider. 

Visit our Medicaid Dental Benefits and Pregnancy webpage to view quick links to this information, as well as further details about the benefit. 

Funding for this benefit is included in the DMAS budget; however, legislature can remove this funding during the upcoming legislative session. Learn what VaOHC is doing to preserve benefit funding — and how you can help

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Sarah Bedard Holland