Recording - Dentistry During COVID-19 Live Q&AVirginia Health Catalyst04/14On April 14, McAllister Castelez, DMD, Horizon Health Center, Scott Wolpin, DMD, Dental Director, Eastern Shore Rural Health System, and Zachary Hairston, DDS, Dental Consultant, DMAS took part in a webinar to discuss topics like teledentistry and the recent Smiles for Children guidance. Teledentistry, Clinical, Medicaid, Guidance, Safety-Net, Policy
Teledentistry Practice VisitVirginia Health Catalyst04/14In this video, Dr. Tiffany Nightengale performs a practice teledentistry visit. Teledentistry, Clinical
Teledentistry Implementation GuideVirginia Health Catalyst04/10The implementation guide includes an overview of teledentistry, updates on laws and regulations, including billing codes, and resources for implementation like workflows and platform guidance, it is specifically tailored to providing care during COVID-19.Teledentistry, Clinical, Medicaid, Guidance, Safety-Net, Policy
Teledentistry Platform OptionsVirginia Health CatalystOngoingThis list of teledentistry platforms for clinics to choose from to implement teledentistry in their clinic is updated daily. It includes information on each platform including each platform's capabilities.Teledentistry, Clinical, Safety-Net
Workflow for TeledentistryVirginia Health Catalyst04/03This workflow will be updated as more information around teledentistry in Virginia becomes available. It is a high-level guide for clinicians to leverage teledentistry during COVID-19.Teledentistry, Clinical, Safety-Net
Teledentistry Provider GuideDr. Paul Glassman04/05The teledentistry guide from Dr. Glassman provides an overview of how to implement teledentistry during COVID-19. It includes workflows as well as guidance on what to consider when implementing a new system.Teledentistry, Clinical, Safety-Net
ADA COVID-19 Coding and Billing Interim Guidance for TeledentistryAmerican Dental AssociationOngoingThe ADA has issued guidance on coding and billing for teledentistry during COVID-19. This document is being updated continuously as more information becomes available.Teledentistry, Clinical, Guidance, Safety-Net
Telehealth resources for COVID-19 Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Resource CenterOngoingThis page is being updated often with new resources on implementing telehealth services. It includes resources for medical and dental providers. Teledentistry, Clinical, Guidance, Safety-Net, Policy
Patient assessment via synchronous teledentistry Teledent04/03This document provides tips and recommendations on how to have a successful teledentistry visit. It includes information for patients on how to use teledentistry, such as angles for photos, as well as information for providers on questions to ask. Teledentistry, Clinical, Patient Resource, Safety-Net
Virginia Dental Safety Net Clinics: Emergency Care and COVID-19 Testing SpreadsheetVirginia Health CatalystOngoingThis is an updated list of operating status for dental safety nets in Virginia, it includes information on if emergency services are available, and if the clinic is a COVID-19 testing site.Patient Resource, Safety-Net
Workflow for Dental EmergenciesVirginia Health Catalyst03/30This workflow was created to determine if a patient is having a dental emergency, and the steps to take when providing care.Clinical, Safety-Net
Patient Guidance Form English and SpanishVirginia Health Catalyst04/01This is a one-page overview of what a dental emergency is, and where to seek care.Clinical, Patient Resource, Safety-Net
Safety-Net FAQVirginia Health Catalyst03/21This FAQ answers questions including what to do in dental clinics in Virginia, and how to keep patients and employees safe.Clinical, Safety-Net
Pediatric Practice Management Tips During COVID-19 Pandemic American Academy of PediatricsOngoingThe AAP has shared tips for pediatric practices during COVID-19, including information on small business loans, telehealth, staffing concerns, and workflow.Teledentistry, Clinical, Guidance
Coronavirus Resources for Dentists American Dental AssociationOngoingThis is specific to dental providers and offers resources like checklists for providers to determine what constitutes an emergency procedure, how to stay protected during treatment, and sample communications for patients.Clinical, Guidance, Safety-Net
COVID-19 Updates for Dental Hygienists American Dental Hygienist AssociationOngoingThe ADHA COVID-19 resource center includes advocacy information, clinical resources, and an FAQ section. Clinical, Guidance, Safety-Net
American Institute of Dental Public Health COVID-19 ResourcesAIDPHOngoingThis compendium of resources for dental public health professionals includes information on state policy actions, financial planning, rural health communications, and more.Clinical, Guidance, Safety-Net, Policy
Coronavirus Resources for Health Professionals CDCOngoingThis is the hub of resources from the CDC, it is updated regularly to reflect the changing situation. Clinical, Guidance, Patient Resource, Safety-Net, Policy, Nonprofit
Medical Society of Virginia COVID-19 Resources MSVOngoingThis website includes resources for clinicians on topics like infection control and PPE protocols, coverage and telehealth information, business news, and staff/patient education.Clinical, Guidance
Coronavirus Resource Center National Network for Oral Health AccessOngoingThe NNOHA resource center compiles resources for health care professionals, it also includes guidelines and recommendations for each state. Clinical, Guidance, Policy
VDA COVID-19 HubVDAOngoingThe Virginia Dental Association's COVID-19 hub includes resources on topics like practice management during COVID-19, PPE donations, and legislative updates.Clinical, Guidance, Safety-Net, Policy
COVID-19 Health Professionals ResourcesVirginia Department of HealthOngoingThe VDH page includes guidelines for health care professionals in Virginia, and recordings of webinars related to COVID-19.Clinical, Guidance, Safety-Net
COVID-19 Coding and Billing Interim Guidance ADAOngoingThe ADA has issued guidance on coding and billing for teledentistry during COVID-19. This document is being updated continuously as more information becomes available. Teledentistry, Clinical, Guidance
Guidelines for using antibiotics on urgent management of dental pain and swelling ADA04/02The ADA summarized clinical recommendations for use of antibiotics in urgent situations. The document includes a workflow to determine the right course of action for a patient.Clinical, Guidance
Interim Guidance for Management of Emergency and Urgent Dental Care ADA04/01The ADA summarized clinical recommendations for the use of antibiotics in urgent situations. The document includes a workflow to determine the right course of action for a patient.Clinical, Guidance
Interim Infection Prevention and Control Guidance for Dental Settings CDCOngoingDental settings have unique characteristics that warrant additional infection control considerations. The CDC has outlined the latest recommendations to keep providers and patients safe during the COVID-19 response.Clinical, Guidance
Interim US Guidance for Risk Management and Public Health Management of Healthcare Personnel with Potential Exposure in a Healthcare Setting to Patients with Coronavirus DiseaseCDCOngoingThe CDC is updating this webpage with guidance for public health professionals regarding COVID-19. It includes definitions of risk categories as well as recommendations for exposure management.Clinical, Guidance
Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19OSHA04/02This guide from OSHA includes recommendations and descriptions of mandatory safety and health standards and includes information on exposure risk management for employees.Guidance
USPHS Policy: PPM 2005-014: Vaccine Administration in EmergenciesHHSA recent change from the Department of Health and Human Services authorizes dental officers to assist DHHS in vaccine administration. This memo from HHS announces the change and how it will be implemented.Clinical, Guidance
Stimulus Package Phase 2 OverviewNCSL03/20This is an overview of the second phase of the federal stimulus with a focus on public health initiatives.Medicaid, Policy
Stimulus Package Phase 3 OverviewNCSL04/02This is an overview of the phase 3 stimulus bill. It focuses on the bill as it relates to state government.Policy
COVID-19 FAQHRSAOngoingThis frequently updated FAQ shares information on applying for funding through the CARES Act.Safety-Net, Policy, Nonprofit
Virginia-specific Medicaid Policy ChangesGovernor of Virginia03/19This is a summary of the changes issued from Governor Northam related to the Medicaid program during COVID-19.Medicaid, Guidance, Safety-Net, Policy
Order of Public Emergency Two - Executive Order Limiting Dental CareGovernor of Virginia03/25This is the Executive Order from Governor Northam detailing emergency dental care services during COVID-19.Clinical, Guidance, Policy
CARES Act in the States: Targeting New Health Funding in a Time of CrisisNASHP03/21This is an analysis of state considerations for spending the CARES Act funding. It includes information related to how the funding can be used for public health, including Medicaid. Medicaid, Safety-Net, Policy
Medicaid COVID-19 ResourcesDMASOngoingDMAS has created new COVID-19 resource pages available in both English and Spanish. These pages share relevant Medicaid information for enrollees, including information on how to access care, FAQs, and resources for advocates. Medicaid, Patient Resource, Safety-Net, Policy
Southeast Virginia and Eastern Shore Foodbank FoodbankOngoingFind food distribution sites and how to help community members.Patient Resource
COVID-19: Addressing Discrimination and Racism, Local Health Department Guidance Public Health InstituteOngoingThis working document includes resources for health departments and public health providers on how to ensure communications and policies do not reinforce negative racial stereotypes about Asian and Pacific Islander Americans communities.Patient Resource
Community Resources English and SpanishVirginia Interfaith CenterOngoingThis one-page overview of services available in Virginia is in English and in SpanishPatient Resource
Housing Resources from Virginia Poverty Law CenterVPLCOngoingThe Virginia Poverty Law Center has curated a series of resources related to housing to help individuals understand their rights during this pandemic.Patient Resource
What the stimulus package means for nonprofitsThe Chronicle of Philanthropy03/26Nonprofits with 500 or fewer employees will be eligible for loans of up to $10 million, with expedited loans of up to $1 million available for payroll, including paid leave, as well as health-insurance premiums, facilities costs, and debt service. Nonprofits that keep their employees on the payroll from February 15 to June 30 could have their loans forgiven.Policy, Nonprofits
Loans Available for Nonprofits in CARES ActNational Council of Nonprofits04/05The Phase 3 stimulus bill included resources to help nonprofits, including business loans. This provides an overview of the loans available including information on applying.Policy, Nonprofit
Central Virginia COVID-19 Response FundCommunity Foundation of RichmondOngoingThe Community Foundation, in partnership with the Emergency Management Alliance of Central Virginia, has created the Central Virginia COVID-19 Response Fund. There is no formal application process for the fund. Safety-Net, Nonprofit
Grantee information from Richmond Memorial Health FoundationRichmond Memorial Health FoundationOngoingRichmond Memorial Health Foundation has extended the deadline for grants and has encouraged current grantees to reach out about repurposing grant funding in light of COVID-19.Nonprofit
Federal Coronavirus Relief Bills for Not-for-ProfitsCherry Bekaert04/06This brief outlines provisions in the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) and the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act and how they might affect nonprofits.Policy, Nonprofit
Return to Work Interim Guidance ToolkitADAOngoingThe ADA has released a free toolkit for clinicians preparing to see patients after COVID-19. The toolkit includes guidance and recommendations to keep patients and staff safe.Clinical, Guidance
VDA Interim Guidelines for Re-entry VDA04/28The VDA has released its guidelines for re-entry following COVID-19. The guidelines include recommendations like staggering appointments, and continuing to use teledentistryClinical, Guidance
Recording - Returning to Dental Practice Live Q&AVirginia Health Catalyst05/04During a Live Q&A presenters shared their perspectives on reopening dental practices during COVID-19.Clinical, Safety-Net
Slides - Returning to Dental Practice Live Q&AVirginia Health Catalyst05/04These are the slides from the Live Q&A where presenters shared their perspectives on reopening dental practices during COVID-19.Clinical, Safety-Net
Coronavirus Patient Resources: Print, Infographics, and Translated Materials VDHOngoingThis VDH web page lists links to translated patient resources, and resources for the deaf or hard of hearing, from the VDH and CDC. Clinical, Patient
ADHA Interim Guidance on Returning to WorkADHAOngoingADHA has developed this document to provide interim guidance to dental hygienists on returning to work.Clinical, Safety-Net, Guidance
OSHA Guidance for Dentistry Workers and EmployersOSHAOngoingThis document includes updated guidance for dentistry workers who are at greater risk of occupational exposure of COVID-19.Clinical, Guidance
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Crisis Assistance ProgramVirginia Department of Social ServicesOngoingFamilies dealing with job loss or other impacts from COVID-19 have access to two types of TANF cash assistance that may help - Diversionary Assistance and TANF-Emergency Assistance. This document includes information on how to apply.Patient Resource
Virginia COVID-19 ResourcesVirginia Department of Social ServicesOngoingThis is a comprehensive list of resources, news, and updates on COVID-19. It includes information from other agencies throughout the Commonwealth, including the Virginia Department of Health, Virginia Employment Commission, and Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development, as well as a myriad of federal agencies.Patient Resources
COVID screening FAQ for dentistsVirginia Board of Dentistry05/12On May 8 the Virginia Board of Dentistry voted that screening dental patients for COVID-19 was within the scope of practice of dentistry. Dental practices must be able to identify COVID-19 infected dental patients for the safety of all patients and staff. This is an FAQ on how to screen patients effectively.Clinical, Safety-Net
COVID-19 Patient Fact Sheets COVID-19 Health Literacy ProjectOngoingThis website includes COVID-19 resources for patients in more than 30 languages.Patient Resources
Re-opening Dental Practices during COVID-19: Legal AnalysisFeldesman, Tucker, Liefer, Fidell05/14This memo, authored in partnership with NACHC, provides considerations for health centers in determining the re-opening of dental services. It answers questions clinics may have on the guidelines available from federal and national organizations.Clinical
Successful Communication with People with Disabilities, COVID Testing SitesVDH06/10This document lists tips and guidelines for communicating with people with disabilities at COVID testing sites.Patient Resource
Healthy at Home Tip Sheet - English & SpanishVirginia Health Catalyst06/25The Healthy at Home Tip Sheet is available in English and Spanish and provides resources and guidance on maintaining good oral health during the COVID-19 pandemic. Clinical, Patient
Aerosol Management Blog SeriesVirginia Health Catalyst07/21In this three-part blog series learn about the aerosol management changes occurring in dental offices.Clinical, Safety-Net
Aerosol Generating Procedures and Management StrategiesCochrane Oral Health08/20This is a rapid review of aerosol-generating procedures and their mitigation, based on information from dozens of countries including the U.S.Clinical
Dental Care in the Era of COVID-19DentaQuest & OSAP07/20This guide explains what patients may expect before, during and after their dental appointment as dental clinics have reopened during the pandemic.  Patient Resource
Centers for Disease Control (CDC) COVID-19 and Health EquityCDC07/20The CDC's released equity strategy includes its guiding principles by reducing health disparities by using data-driven approaches, fostering engagement with communities, leading culturally responsive outreach, and reducing stigma associated with race and ethnicity. Clinical
COVID-19 Resources for Spanish SpeakersTennessee Department of HealthOngoingThis new webpage includes videos, fact sheets, infographics, and other resources about COVID-19 testing, and how to protect yourself, your family, your coworkers and your community from COVID-19. Patient Resource
Leveraging Teledenistry to Close the Oral Health Care GapDentaQuestOngoingThis resource page includes past recordings, documents, and information on incorporating teledentistry during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.Clinical, Teledentistry
Teledentistry Resource GuideMaryland Dental Action Coalition07/20Along with resources for Maryland providers, the resource guide from MDAC includes national information and resources for dental providers. Clinical, Teledentistry