To advance our policy pillar together with our partners, we champion local, state, and federal policies that support equitable access to comprehensive health care that includes oral health.

2021 Catalyst Legislative Priorities

In 2021 Catalyst's policy work will focus on the implementation of an adult dental benefit in Medicaid, which was funded during the 2020 legislative session. Seeing this policy successfully implemented is vital to Catalyst meeting its mission. Resources and more information on the adult dental benefit are available here.

Share Your Feedback

Your feedback about Virginia policies and programs helps inform our advocacy efforts. Let us know what you think about current coverage, workforce, and/or other issues. We can’t promise to fix your concerns, but we do promise to listen.

2021 Partner Legislative Priorities

Catalyst is supporting key efforts of our partners that advance issues related to equity and comprehensive health.

Racism as a Public Health Crisis (HJ 537)

Resolution for the Commonwealth of Virginia to recognize that racism is a public health crisis in Virginia; and to consider steps to address systemic racism and its impact on public health. Learn more here.

The Virginia Food Access Program & Investment Food (Item 97#1h)

Virginia Food Access Investment Fund will increase access to healthy fresh foods in underserved communities, support local agriculture, and support economic growth and investment. Learn more here.

The Virginia Produce RX Program (HB2065, Item 313 #22h)

Establishes a Produce Rx Program as a three-year pilot program to incentivize consumption of qualifying fruits and vegetables by eligible individuals for whom increased consumption of fruits and vegetables is recommended by a qualified care provider. Learn more here.

Water is a Human Right (HJ 538)

Recognizes that access to clean, potable, and affordable water is a necessary human right. Learn more here.

Study Drinking Water Substances (Item 307#2h)

Supports the work of the Virginia Department of Health Office of Drinking Water to continue its study of the occurrence of synthetic chemicals [perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS), and other perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)] in the Commonwealth's public drinking water and to develop recommendations for specific maximum contaminant levels for PFOA, PFOS, and other PFAS.

Healthcare for All Virginians Coalition Priorities

Pre-natal Coverage for Women Regardless of Status (Item 312 #1h, Item 313 #16h)

This would extend Medicaid/FAMIS MOMS prenatal coverage to undocumented women who meet all other non-immigration eligibility criteria and is already in use in 17 other states. Learn more here.

Emergency Medicaid for COVID-19 Testing/Treatment/Vaccination (HB2124, Item 313 #4h)

This would clarify that Medicaid “Emergency Services” specifically cover COVID-19 screening, testing, and all related treatment, ensuring more people can seek testing and treatment for COVID-19 without concerns of costs. Learn more here.

Raising the age for CHIP eligibility for “legally residing” immigrant children from 19 to 21 (Item 312 #2h, Item 313 #28h)

Currently, “legally residing” immigrant children in Virginia qualify for coverage up to the age of 19. Federal law allows optional coverage to continue up to age 21 allowing for continuity of care and reducing gaps in health coverage. Learn more here.


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Catalyst's top policy priority in 2021 is the successful rollout of an adult dental benefit in Medicaid. Help shape the resources Catalyst creates and the role it plays leading up to July 1 by joining the Adult Dental Implementation Team here.

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