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To advance our policy pillar together with our partners, we champion local, state, and federal policies that support equitable access to comprehensive health care that includes oral health.

Join the Virginia Health Catalyst Grassroots Advocacy Team to ensure policies at the state and federal level improve the oral health and overall health of Virginians. Join here.


Catch up on the latest federal policy updates during the COVID-19 pandemic with Catalyst's Federal Policy Webinar. View a recording of the webinar, and slides to learn more about the FMAP and the important role of federal advocacy.

Legislative Priorities

Adding a Comprehensive Dental Benefit in Medicaid and Medicare

Millions of Virginians are enrolled in health insurance through Medicare and Medicaid. Neither of the programs provides a comprehensive dental benefit for all enrollees. Virginia Health Catalyst and its partners recognize that Virginians cannot be healthy without a healthy mouth, and adding a comprehensive dental benefit to Medicaid and Medicare will ensure all Virginians are able to access the oral health services they need. Doing so will reduce costs while improving health outcomes. 

Virginia Health Catalyst's top legislative priority is a comprehensive dental benefit for everyone enrolled in Medicaid in Virginia.


Ensuring Access to Safe, Fluoridated Tap Water

Fluoride, a naturally occurring mineral, is the cheapest and most effective way to prevent cavities. Research proves that fluoridated water decreases cavities by at least 25% in people of all ages. In Virginia, 96% of our population is served by fluoridated water systems; one of the highest percentages in the country.

Virginia Health Catalyst advocates at the state and local level to ensure that Virginia's water systems remain fluoridated and works with community partners to ensure Virginians feel confident in the safety of their water. 


Policy Committee

Virginia Health Catalyst's policy committee helps to shape our advocacy efforts by providing recommendations to our board of directors about specific legislation and policy positions that support Catalyst's Vision. These five principles are based on the Virginia Oral Health Plan which was developed through consensus with multiple partners from across the state. Committee recommendations may address whether Virginia Health Catalyst should support, oppose, or remain neutral on pieces of legislation, or recommend if Virginia Health Catalyst should champion a specific policy initiative.

Receive Legislative Updates

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Beatriz Amberman

Trish Bonwell, RDS, BSDH, MSH, PhD*

Tegwyn Brickhouse, DDS, PhD*

Scott Burnette*

McAllister Castelaz

Stacy Campbell, MBA*

Kelly Cannon

Donovan Caves, DDS

Howard Chapman

Denise Claiborne, PhD, RDH*

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Patrick Finnerty*

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Amy Hewett

Robert Klink, MD, MMM, FACOG*

Kathy Miller

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Maghboeba Mosavel

Deborah Oswalt

Carole Pratt, DDS*

Tricia Rodgers*

Anubhuti Shukla, DDS

Margaret Tomann

Antonio Villa

Join Our Policy Committee

If you are interested in joining our policy committee, please contact Sarah Bedard Holland.

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