To improve access to oral health services for young children and pregnant women, Virginia Health Catalyst has created the Early Dental Home workgroup. Learn more about the workgroup and how to get involved here.

Creating Healthy Habits Early

Learning Opportunities

Tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood disease in America; cavities strike almost 30% of kids before they lose their first tooth. Dental disease can lead to poor nutrition, failure to thrive, and missed school hours. Early dental care improves health and quality of life, and reduces oral health costs throughout childhood. To create a lasting impact on every child's health, we recommend:

  • 6 months: Pediatrician checks at well-child visits until the child starts regular dental checkups
  • 6 months: Fluoride varnish application until age 3
  • Age 1: First dentist visit
  • Age 3: Established, reliable dental home

We provide education on dental care and coverage for pregnant women. View our event calendar for upcoming events, or contact us to learn more.