Medicaid Expansion, the Budget, and a Special Session

Virginia's legislature adjourned on March 11, 2018, without a budget.  The House and Republican members of the Senate remain deeply divided on the issue of Medicaid expansion; the House budget included federal dollars to expand Medicaid to nearly 300,000 low income Virginians, and the Senate budget did not. 

The Governor has called for a special session on April 11.  At the special session, legislators will reconvene to adopt a budget (some procedural actions may occur prior to the special session).  Legislators are back in their districts now, which provides a perfect opportunity to contact them about the importance of Medicaid expansion. 

Please take a moment to: 

  • Thank members of the House of Delegates and Senate Democrats for their support of expansion; and, 
  • Ask Republican Senators to follow the House's bipartisan lead and support Medicaid expansion. 

Find your legislators and their contact info | Click here to search 

Check out NPR's nice write up on the status of Medicaid expansion in Virginia for more background information. 

Please direct questions to Sarah Bedard Holland at or 804.269.8721.

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