Medicaid Expansion Deliberations Extend to Next Week

When the Senate met yesterday there were a series of somewhat dramatic floor speeches, both pro and con Medicaid Expansion, but there was no vote on the proposed budget compromise which would expand the states Medicaid program to nearly 400,00 Virginians. Senate Republican leaders used a procedural motion to delay budget consideration by the Senate Finance Committee for another week.  

Because of this, the Senate Finance Committee will meet Tuesday at noon to adopt a budget proposal, which will then move to the full Senate for consideration.  It is unclear if the committee's proposed budget will include expansion.  If it does not expansion will likely be added as an amendment so the full Senate can consider it.

Senate members need to hear from their constituents about the importance of health care coverage for Virginians. Even if you called yesterday – Please call your Senator and express support for the Medicaid expansion compromise. Find your Senator

If you'd like more details, check out this article from The Richmond Times Dispatch.

The Virginia Oral Health Coalition will continue to update you on this legislation as news progresses. Please direct questions to Sarah Bedard Holland at 804.269.8721.

Sarah Bedard Holland