Help 400,000 Virginians Gain Health Coverage

Virginia has an opportunity to provide health coverage for 400,000 adults by increasing the number of individuals eligible for Medicaid – an initiative made possible through the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Increasing medicaid eligibility means the state can maximize federal resources to cover more people and improve health care for our most vulnerable. Additional federal contributions to Virginia's Medicaid program wills ave the state as much as $75 million a year and create over 15,700 new jobs. 

At the federal level, just days ago, the American Health Care Act failed to pass, due in part to a tremendous outcry of support for the ACA from constituents and state policy makers; Congress heard the message that the ACA is vital for our country's health and economy. We have the opportunity to send the same message to our state's elected officials. 

State representatives will vote Wednesday, April 5, on legislation which will enable the Governor to direct Virginia's Medicaid agency to increase eligibility on or after October 1. This will bring billions of federal dollars into Virginia's economy. View this resource to learn how many people in your area could gain coverage if Medicaid eligibility were to increase. Click here to find your representatives

The Virginia Oral Health Coalition will continue to support increased coverage for Virginians and ensure oral health is represented in that vision. The resources below may be helpful in your efforts to support comprehensive, affordable health care for all Virginians: 

Sarah Bedard Holland