A Future of Public Oral Health Workgroup

The projects and activities of the Integration Workgroup are guided by the following goal and strategies from the Future of Public Oral Health recommendations:

Goal: Oral health is a critical component of overall health
Strategy 1 Increase utilization of dental and chronic disease prevention and management strategies that are patient-centered, holistic, and equity-based
Strategy 2 Integrate oral health services, education, and referral across the health care system
Strategy 3 Enable clinicians and frontline public health workers to address barriers to health and wellness related to social determinants of health and environmental issues
Strategy 4 Ensure payment and incentives value integrated, comprehensive care that focuses on prevention

Integration Workgroup Co-Chairs

Jennifer Wohl, DHSc, PA-C

Associate Professor

Eastern Virginia Medical School

Maureen Neal, CFRE

CEO and Founder

Nonprofit Management Services

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