School-Based Oral Health Learning Opportunity | Application Form

Please complete the application below to be considered for participating in the school-based oral health program (SBOHP) learning opportunity. Up to two clinics will be selected to participate in the project. Catalyst staff will inform all applicants of their status in late January. Refer to the SBOHP project description webpage for more information and project details.

For questions, contact Ericca Facetti.

SBOHP Learning Opportunity Application 2022

  • Clinic Information

  • Use this link to determine if your clinic is located in a DHPSAs in Virginia:
  • Use this to connect with new or different schools in your service area. If you don't have a preference, you can leave this space blank.
  • This includes clinical staff, administrative support, previous experience, equipment, etc.
  • Dental sealants must be included.
  • Dental sealants must be included.
  • Participant Information

    Please include contact information for the individuals from your clinic who will participate in this project and represent the clinic at meetings. It is important to build a multidisciplinary team for projects such as this to balance the duties, gain different perspectives and input, and strengthen the sustainability of your work. Possible team members could include dental staff, administrative/front desk staff, clinic executive, or data/IT staff. At least two people must be included on the application, but more are encouraged!

Virginia Health Catalyst’s mission is to ensure all Virginians have equitable access to comprehensive healthcare that includes oral health. The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) Dental Health Program was awarded federal funding from the Health Resources and Service Administration (HRSA) to advance strategies that enhance the oral health workforce in Virginia.

This program is generously supported by the Virginia Department of Health through VDH HRSA Workforce Grant HRSA-18-014. VDH funding may not cover direct care or legislative activities.