Virginia Health Catalyst is now accepting applications from safety net clinics offering medical and dental services for its 2020 Oral Health Integration Learning Collaborative. Learn more and apply here.

The Case for Integration

Oral health is inextricably linked to overall health - yet, it is often a separate and sometimes undervalued aspect of health care. By integrating the services and education provided in your health system, you have the opportunity to ensure your patients have access to truly comprehensive care

What is Care Integration?

An integrated health system is inter-professional, easy for patients to navigate, and addresses a patient’s whole health. In an integrated system, every part of the health care experience, from check-in to clinical engagements and referrals for social support, are streamlined and collaborative to improve patient outcomes.

Any care setting can enhance care integration and workflow. Review the resources below, including the Oral Health Integration Toolkit to learn how you can leverage integration to improve health outcomes.

A Who's Who for Successful Integration

Creating an integrated system requires buy-in and dedication at every level:

integration workflow

Catalyst Integration Resources

To equip the health care community with the tools and resources needed to successfully integrate care Virginia Health Catalyst developed the resources below. To learn more about integrating care, contact Brita Bergland.

Additional Integration Resources

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