TOHF Learning Collaborative Application

Networks for Oral Health Integration (NOHI)

NOHI is a HRSA-funded, national program established to improve oral health care for low-income children and other vulnerable populations served by health care providers and programs.

Transforming Oral Health for Families (TOHF) Project

The TOHF project is the east coast cohort of the NOHI program, consisting of Virginia, Maryland, New York and the District of Columbia. Over the next 3 years, the project will facilitate learning collaboratives that will develop a family-centered and team-based model of integrating oral health with primary care.

Federally Qualified Health Center Application

Catalyst is accepting applications on behalf of the TOHF project for up to 3 FQHCs in Virginia to participate in an 18-month learning collaborative (September 2021-February 2023). Please fill out the application below to be considered for the project.

Note: eligible FQHCs are not required to have the practices listed below currently in place, as the project is designed to help implement them. These questions are simply to help us understand what your FQHC is already doing and what data is available to you.

TOHF Project Application

  • Federally Qualified Health Center Information

  • Select all that apply
  • 1) Increase oral health knowledge and skills for providers serving children 0-40 months 2) Better integrate medical and dental care at FQHCs to better manage and address oral health needs and risk 3) Improve access to preventive oral health services to children 0-40 months and decrease cavities by age 3
  • Project Team Member Information

    Please list below at least 4 project team members that will participate in the learning collaborative. You must list a lead contact, a medical champion, and a member of your FQHC's executive team. Others may include dental and primary care providers, administrators, quality improvement (QI) members, and health IT professionals. The lead contact will receive the application submission confirmation email.