Reaching More Virginians through the Use of Teledentistry

Request for Proposals

Catalyst is facilitating a learning opportunity that will offer education, support, and technical assistance related to teledentistry. Through a HRSA-funded grant, the Virginia Department of Health can fund up to two sites with $15,000 each to support the use of a patient-to-provider teledentistry program at a dental safety net facility.

Purpose: Increase clinical revenue and expand long-term access to oral health care through teledentistry beyond the current public health emergency

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    About the Project


    Teledentistry is a method of providing oral health consultation, care, and education over a virtual platform. It is not a specific service and it does not change a provider’s scope of practice. Teledentistry provides patients with secure, one-stop access to a provider without the need to leave home, which can ease multiple burdens on families while offering the provider flexibility and another touch-point for care.

    Incorporating teledentistry into your current workflow during a public health emergency such as COVID-19 can be challenging. Clinics will continue to be able to bill for teledentistry services through Medicaid; the related codes D9992, D9994, D9995, and D9996 will remain active even after the pandemic emergency ends. Through this grant, Virginia Health Catalyst will assist in coordinating the use of a patient-to-provider teledentistry program at a dental safety-net clinic.

    Throughout the project, Catalyst will support the participating clinics through education and technical assistance, including links to teledentistry best practices or lessons learned, research about software, and information to better understand equipment.


    Eligible sites must meet the following criteria:

    • Be a dental safety net clinic or a non-profit dental clinic in Virginia
    • Located in HRSA-designated dental health professional shortage area (DHPSA); check here to see if the counties you serve are DHPSAs
    • Have defined goals for the use of teledentistry, such as:
      • Create virtual dental homes in the community
      • Connect with patients who experience transportation barriers
      • Maximize remote hygiene abilities
    • Possess the clinical capacity and buy-in to implement a teledentistry program in the community (such as staff to be trained on the software, provider availability for virtual consult time, etc.)
    Funding Availability

    The Virginia Department of Health can fund up to two sites to support the use of a patient-to-provider teledentistry program at a dental safety net facility. The selected site will receive up to $15,000. This funding will begin on March 1, 2021, and end on July 15, 2021.

    This funding will support:

    • Infrastructure
    • Supplies and equipment (i.e. cameras, sensors, x-ray, software, etc.)
    • Administrative support

    The funding will not support:

    • Direct care
    Project Commitments

    During this project period, selected clinics can expect to:

    • Send invoices (including receipts) to Catalyst regularly
    • Develop a project aim statement with measurable outcomes to track throughout
    • Communicate with Catalyst staff (email or phone) on a monthly basis
    • Provide a written report of all related activities and purchases, including plans to sustain teledentistry for the after the project period
    Proposal Elements

    Successful proposals will be no more than 3 pages and address the following components:

    • Briefly describe the need for a teledentistry program in your area
    • A high-level description of the site’s capacity, infrastructure, and staffing to provide teledentistry services
    • Outline a budget and budget narrative

    Please send proposals to Brita Allen (