The Water Communication Workgroup is a small group of water communication experts working to improve water quality communication tools and foster relationships between water utilities and their communities.


The Water Communication Workgroup's mission is to increase the public’s trust of tap water and promote water literacy in Virginia.

The Water Communication Workgroup is focusing on improving water communication in a way that builds community education and efficacy. The group is working with water utilities to improve the format of Consumer Confidence Report's and provide additional communication resources to the water workforce.

Membership Committment

The Water Communication Workgroup meets every 6 weeks and recieve regular email notices with relevant resources and information. Meetings consist of workplan development and check-in's, input from expert guest speakers, and group discussion to identify action steps to reach the workgroup's goal.

For more information, contact Chloe Van Zandt at cvanzandt@vahealthcatalyst.org.

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