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Virginia Health Catalyst’s mission is to ensure all Virginians have equitable access to comprehensive health care that includes oral health. Catalyst seeks a core group of clinicians to form a Clinical Advisory Board that will advance equity and care coordination on the front lines of healthcare.

Why Join the Clinical Advisory Board?

Interprofessional education, care coordination programs, and advocacy opportunities enhance a clinician’s ability to address whole body health and improve access to care. That’s why clinical and community care is one of our four pillars of comprehensive health. To help support integrated, comprehensive care, Catalyst seeks medical and dental professionals to join a Clinical Advisory Board.

Joining the Clinical Advisory Board will:

  • Connect you with allied health professionals from across the state;
  • Provide you with interprofessional education and networking opportunities; and,
  • Ensure your community’s unique health and social needs are represented in statewide advocacy efforts.

What Does the Clinical Advisory Board Do?

Clinicians like you provide direct services and quality care every day to patients all across Virginia. Your input is critical to helping us understand barriers to care and strategies to improve health.

Clinical Advisory Board Members will:

  • Shape care coordination guidelines, referral protocols, and strategies to support health care that includes oral health services;
  • Share oral health and care coordination information with colleagues; and,
  • Relay relevant information regarding clinical practice issues and care delivery models to other advisory board members and Catalyst staff.

Expectations for participation include:

  • One in-person Clinical Advisory Board meeting per year;
  • Email and phone correspondence with Catalyst staff and other advisory members as needed; and,
  • One-to-two presentations per year to a community partner, based on your schedule and availability.

Clinical Advisory Board members must also believe in Catalyst’s Guiding Principles:

  • Virginians know that good oral health is essential to overall health.
  • The prevalence of dental disease is reduced in Virginia through prevention activities and early diagnosis and treatment.
  • Medical and dental providers and educators understand the links between oral health and overall health and work to ensure Virginians receive comprehensive care.
  • Virginians have access to quality, affordable, and comprehensive dental insurance coverage.
  • The oral health workforce in Virginia adequately meets the needs of its citizens by working to the full extent of their education and training.

Clinical Advisory Board Members

Pam Blankenship, BSDH, RDH

Renee Bova-Collis, LCSW

Vicki Brett, RDH

Tiara Brown, DMD, MSD

McAllister Castelaz, DMD

Jose Cintron, DMD

Tiffany Colon, RDH

Brooke Crouch, RDH (Chair)

Wendy Davis, LPN

Paula Derbyshire, RDH, MS

Laurie Forlano, DO, MPH

Ethlyn Gibson, DNP, MSN, RN-BC

Susie Goolsby, DDS, MSHA

Raidah Hudson, DDS

David Jones, DDS

Jeffrey Leidy, DDS

William Mann, MD, MBA, FACOG, FACS

Jimmy Mitchell, MBA

Maureen Neal, CFRE

Tiffany Nightengale, DMD

Susan O’Connor, DDS

Alison Parks, RDH

Kami Piscitelli, BSDH, RDH

Christina Quiros, RDH

Stephanie Rupe, RN

Tarin Schmidt-Dalton, MD, FAAFP

Tammy Swecker, BSDH, MEd.

Casey Tupea, BSDH, RDH; EMT-I

Gary Weiss, DDS, MFS

Tiffany Williams, DDS, MSD

Jennifer Wohl, DHSc, PA-C

Richard Zucker, RN, MSN, MBA

Past Meetings

The Clinical Advisory Board has not met yet. Check back soon for meeting materials.