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Virginia Health Catalyst's work isn't possible without the insight and expertise of our partners. Our statewide workgroups enable partners to help shape the work we do to improve access to comprehensive health care for all Virginians.

To join any of our workgroups please complete our partner form. 

Early Dental Home Workgroup

The Early Dental Home Workgroup consists of partners from dentistry, early childhood education, and perinatal and pediatric health as well as state agencies that offer social and health support services. The workgroup identifies promising practices and techniques to increase the number of young kids and pregnant women who access dental care. The group also serves as the advisory board to the Virginia Department of Health’s Perinatal and Infant Oral Health Quality Improvement initiative.

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School-Based Health Workgroup

Our School-Based Health Workgroup identifies best practices for school-based health care, including sealants and develops strategies and tactics to share resources and tools across Virginia.

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Community Water Fluoridation Rapid Response Team

The Community Water Fluoridation Rapid Response Team was developed alongside the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) and other state partners to help localities maintain existing, or begin new, water fluoridation practices. These efforts include responding to fluoridation challenges through a CWF Rapid Response Team and promoting the VDH's programs to deliver training and provide funding to localities to improve water system equipment.

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Policy Committee

The Policy Committee helps to shape Virginia Health Catalyst's advocacy efforts by providing recommendations to the board of directors about specific legislation and policy positions that support the Catalyst's Vision. Committee recommendations may address whether Virginia Health Catalyst should support, oppose, or remain neutral on pieces of legislation, or recommend if Virginia Health Catalyst should champion a specific policy initiative.

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Clinical Advisory Board

Clinical Advisory Board members provide input, education, and guidance to advance equity and care coordination at the front lines of healthcare. Members also gain knowledge and partnership through exclusive interprofessional learning and networking opportunities. We welcome member applications from many clinical settings including but not limited to dental, medical, and behavioral healthcare, academia, social services, and pharmacy.

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Water Equity Taskforce

The Water Equity Taskforce is focused on enhancing water equity across Virginia to ensure all residents have access to safe fluoridated tap water.

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